Sonnie Nolan opened his first shoe repair business in Balintglass in 1985, the business grew quickly and two years later after a chance meeting Sonnie became involved in foundation of the Associated Locksmith's of Ireland - an organisation that is now recognised throughout Europe. The business developed into a locksmiths while still incorporating shoe repair, serving customers from all around the greater Leinster Area and quickly garnised a reputation as the go to place for commercial

and domestic repairs. 

In 1990 Enda Nolan joined the team after an apprentiship with a master locksmiths in Dublin specialising in crime prevention and working with Sold Secure to ensure European Regulations are complied with.

EMLocksmiths has gone from strength to strength opening a new premises in Carlow allowing a more central axis point to serve the greater Leinster area. 

We are available 24 hours every day for emergency repair and consultation. 

Our Team

Our Team
Enda Nolan
      Sonnie Nolan